1.Base Coating (Primer)
Mix well the paint obtaining the color that meets customer's request. Uniformly spray painting on the work pieces in according with the materials scheduled for water transfer printing.

2.Film Selection
Select printing film which customer need or customize with digital printer for individual printable image of film for transfer job.

3.Place Film
Cut out the film to the size of work piece to be printed. Place it flatly on water surface, graphic side up and free of bubble between film and water.

4.Spray Activation
60 seconds to 90 seconds after placing the film on the water, spray the activator uniformly on the film; after the ink on the film disperses, the film becomes soft and elastic.

5.Transfer Film
5 to 10 seconds after spraying the activator, keep the work pieces which have been fixed to the fixture at an angle of 35 degrees (dependent on the shapes of different work pieces).

Flash the work piece just proceeded with transfer printing with tap water till no tailing can be felt by hand.

Bake the work pieces just transfer painted to dehydrate them. (or let them dry naturally)

8.Top Coating
Spray a layer of protective varnish based on the properties of work pieces to increase their weather abilities.